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Angelsong Creations LLC is a family owned business committed to being a positive influence in the world.  Toward that end, we offer the following information and services for free or on a donation only basis.    Angelsong is owned and operated by Amy Robbins-Wilson and  Timothy R Wilson.

Musical Parenting Resources

Research is discovering that music, and particularly musical interaction with parents and other caregivers, is very important early in our lives. It is one of the foundations of later learning in mathematics, language, and of course music. Of course, it can be just plain fun, too but music engages parts of the brain beyond our speech center alone.

Parents and families instinctively sing to their children but apparently that practice is declining in the digital age. Research by John Feierabend and others suggests that parents under 40 have lost familiarity with the songs, rhymes and baby games that so perfectly foster early childhood development.

We are working to support parents who are singing to their kids with our site - Lullaby-Link.com.

A Peaceful and Positive Future


We support and sponsor the vision of A Healthy World of Sustainable Peace and Prosperity for all people.   More information is available at VisionParty.org.

The Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit serving Northern Maine

We contribute a portion of our profits to Angelsong Endowment.  The endowment is managed by HealthCare Charities to benefit the NICU at Eastern Maine Medical Center.

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